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Van Rooij & Pijnacker lawyers

Our office is located in Tilburg since 1962. Currently there are ten people, of whom six lawyers and four employees. We deliberately choose to stay small. In this way we are able to build a personal relationship with our clients can work fast and competitive pricing possible.


In order to advise and assist our clients better, every lawyer who is affiliated with our office , one or more specific areas of specializations.
Our main specializations are debt collections, family law and criminal law. Check out our website for a description of our specializations. To do this, you really have come to the right place.

International network

For many years we have been active for a number of major Dutch and foreign insurance companies. Thus we have a lot of knowledge and experience in national and international commercial and debt collection. To quickly and effectively exchange knowledge and experience when it comes to international problems and issues, our office is part of a European network of law firms , Euravocat , with offices in major cities of Europe. Through this membership, we have been able to close . Many things successfully. For more information about Euravocat please refer to the website:

Free first interview

An initial exploratory meeting with us is free of charge. You can do this by phone or email to make an appointment: 0031-135433162 or

 Debt collection specialists

  • A.     General


We have been dealing with debt collection for over 60 years, handling hundreds of cases each year for national and international insurance companies, including Interpolis and Euler Hermes. We have an excellent track record in debt collection cases. Our debt recovery action depends on the specific case and the debtor. After consulting with you, we focus on realising the quickest and most effective debt recovery solution (see ‘our approach’). Our specialised knowledge allows us to apply fixed timeframes for the required actions and to collect your debts as efficiently as possible. If necessary, we initiate bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor or legal proceedings before the cantonal or other courts of law or arbitration bodies and request the attachment of the debtor’s assets such as bank accounts or real estate property. We also work together with the best investigative agencies in the Netherlands.

We will be more than happy to put our collective expertise and experience at your service!


  • B.     International

If you have a debtor located outside the Netherlands or one of your overseas offices has a claim against a Dutch debtor, we can also be of service. Traditionally, we have specialised in international debt collection law. It is very important to know exactly which nation’s laws apply, which court has jurisdiction and which general terms and conditions apply. We can advise you accordingly and decide on the best solution for you. You are also welcome to ask us for a second opinion. Our firm is affiliated with an association of European debt collection lawyers in 15 countries, Euravocat. For more information, please visit the website:


When appropriate, we can turn to the members within the network to gather any required information on debtors, local debt recovery options and applicable law.


  • C.     Debt collection team


All debt collection cases within our office are handled by the lawyers Mr. I.A. van Rooij and Mr. H.A.P. Pijnacker. Both have worked as lawyers for more than 25 years and have specialised in debt collection. They are also members of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Lawyers (VIA) and/or the Dutch Association of Insolvency Lawyers (Insolad). All things considered: a guarantee of experience and quality!  

Debt collection lawyers All debt collection cases within our office are handled by the lawyers Mr. H.A.P. (Hans) Pijnacker and Mr. I.A. (Ivo) van Rooij. Both have practised law for a considerable time and have specialised in debt collection cases. They have ample experience in this area.

Mr. H.A.P. (Hans) Pijnacker (1960)

Hans Pijnacker

Mr. Pijnacker is a graduate of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and has practiced law since 1987. Besides his general practice, he specialises in international (business) law, employment law and insolvency law. He is a member of Insolad, an association of specialised insolvency lawyers (see


Mr. I.A. (Ivo) van Rooij (1967) 

Foto Ivo

Mr. van Rooij is a graduate of the University of Tilburg and has practiced law since 1991. He also studied law in Leuven and Barcelona. Besides his general practice, he focuses in particular on international (business) law, collections, commercial premises and tenancy rights and (civil) contract law. He is a member of VIA, a specialised association of debt collection lawyers (see, and he is chairman of Euravocat (, a European network of cooperating law firms. He is a creative and passionate go-getter, experienced in handling complex cases with international legal ramifications. He is very good at convincing the court of the correctness of his client’s position. He has a clear and very professional approach and is a master at keeping his composure regardless of the circumstances. He always puts his clients’ interest first and keeps a sharp eye on the costs, ensuring that they remain within reasonable limits.



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Berekening kinderalimentatie

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die alimentatie gaat betalen) en de onderhoudsgerechtigde ouder (de ouder die alimentatie ontvangt).

Netto gezinsinkomen per maand voor de scheiding
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Netto maandinkomen onderhoudsplichtige
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Leeftijd onderhoudsplichtige ouder
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Fiscaal jaarinkomen
Uw situatie

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